Friday, October 31, 2014

Instead of just being grateful....

So instead of Facebook postings each day about what I am grateful for, I want to make an effort to THANK OTHERS in my life.  Important, life-changing people and those people who come fleetingly in and out of my day, but still make a difference.  Whether it is big or small-- I am going to make a conscious effort to say "thank you."  It may be a simple text, a phone call, a note- but I want the people around me to know how much I appreciate their efforts and it makes my life easier or better. 

I would LOVE to see who you choose to thank and how you do it! 

Will you join me? 

Countdown to avalanche of gratitude in 12 hours :)

(I am jumping the gun and going to thank Pin Oak Middle School PTO for posting this awesome THANK YOU wordle design--saved me some time, folks!--THANKS)

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