Saturday, November 1, 2014

Day 1

I decided to start by doing something I rarely do...thanking a business!

Real life admission---I get busy.  A lot.  And forget to keep my eye on things coming up.  Like holidays.  Like maybe even holidays that are important to children.

This year my lovely daughter had chosen Elsa for her costume.  I hunted down her size plenty early and thought we were good.  We have oodles of boy super hero costumes, so I figured we were good there.  Until the idea crept in that the little one should be Olaf.  Based on the amount of time he watches that movie and sister being Elsa, we needed him to be Olaf. Not a great decision made days before Halloween.

I went to my trusty Amazon Smile (to support DSDN, of course) and hunted one down.  It was in his size, wouldn't cost a fortune and had a chance of getting here this week.  I ordered it and soon got an email that it was in shipping land (somewhere) and would be here November 4.  Crap.  At this point, our Batman and Superman costumes were looking better, especially after looking at Pinteret for Olaf ideas (and realizing my sewing skills were not going to get me through).

A wonderful thing happened Oct. 30 at 4 pm.  OLAF WAS DELIVERED!

Now I am certain the company knew that I was slacking and knew that some poor child would be Olaf-less and they put a rush on it.  And I am grateful.

Is this life or death? Of course not.  Did it make our day a little brighter?  Sure did. 

So I sent an email note to them and want to also say THANK YOU to the here:

Great Price Fast Service


What company can you thank today? 

Tell us about it in the comments <3

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