Sunday, November 2, 2014

Day 2

This morning at worship I was struck by several things. We are going through the book of 1 John and the focus was around loving one another. Specifically, that as we show our love for one another, we are truly walking the path that Jesus laid.  Church is often my time for taking a few moments to stop and reflect, if all children are under control.  And today, I really felt it all soaking in.  I realize the basic concept is of loving one another and, also, how fundamental it is in the great good of our world, yet it really does sometimes seem like a broken part of society.  But today, our leader focused in on the good that really is happening all around us and much of it because of the love that many do to choose to show to others each day.

So I decided for today I am going to work on telling my kids thank you for loving one another -catch them being good and loving to each other and surprise them with extra praise, in hopes to sustain  a ripple effect of love in the house.

Now this seemed like an easy task at first, but with the cold, windy weather that has settled around us, we are all spending more time inside.  Together.  So this proved a bit more difficult than I initially thought.

Now it is midday, I have not really shown my appreciation as much as I expected I would.  The kids are playing board games together now, or napping, and I am crafting a plan for this evening... I want them to see how much I value they way they treat one another as a part of our family and would love to hear your ideas!

How do you show your kids your appreciation? How do you say thank you to your family?
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